Closed and Under Construction

MODEL COMMISSIONS ARE NOT CURRENTLY OPENED. I will be making a post on Twitter when we are taking slots. Please follow there for updates.

Customized VRoid avatar commissions by Fuululuu.
Also now in collaboration with Beeblesnout

✦ vtuber models ✦

Works featured under here are fully rigged vtuber models made for streaming. they are made with a vroid base, unless stated otherwise. they are made by myself and beeblesnout. programs used to make these models are: vroid, blender, unity, photoshop, paint tool sai, substance, etc. the files can be exported as .vrm/.vsf/.fbx


Works featured under here most likely had 2 ore more artists working on the project. I usually do guest texture work for projects such as these. The artists/creators will be credited accordingly.


Beeblesnout 3d mODELER / tECHNICAL ARTISTOcuuda - 3d ModelerShayko - 3D ModelerKeywee - 3D Modeler

These are artists that were credited previously above if they worked along side me on a model. Please check out their socials if you are interested in their work.


All characters featured here belong to their respective owners.
Do NOT redistribute. Do NOT use these avatars without permission.
(I apologize if I have missed a few names along the way some of these models are very old or I have misplaced the names, feel free to correct me or reach out if I need to update something! Thank you)

✦ Terms of Service ✦


Once the project has been started, refunds cannot be requested.Payments are accepted through paypal invoices only at this time.Payment plans can be negotiated but a down payment but be upfront before project is started.The client is allowed to use the model for both personal and commercial use once project is complete aslong as proper credit is given.The client can use the avatar for personal commercial use such as advertisement, as a mascot, streaming, video creation, and so on.The client is allowed to make modifications to the model, as long as proper credit is given to the original creator.The client understands that this model project is a VROID base which has limitations and may require outside sources such as blender or unity work which will cost an extra fee depending on the clients requests. It will be made clear to them during the communication process before ordering so both parties are clear.The client understands that VRChat porting will not be done for them and they will have to find their own means to get their model on VRC. We offer VRC optimization however.

The client understands that there needs to be an open source of communication through either twitter or discord. Email is acceptable but the first two are preferable.The client understands that they will be sent "works in progress" during the process.Credit is expected to be given by both parties respectively.If an error has been made during the process, please make note of it so either Fuu or Beebles can fix it.Clients must have a clear idea of what they want for their model, please have reference(s) ready before ordering. A full reference/turnaround is preferable for custom models.


What format are these avatars in?
-.VRM format / .VSFAVATAR
Can these avatars be used in VRChat?
-Yes but you need abit of unity knowledge to export them to VRChat. I do not export them for you.
Can you work in other formats?
-I can export in .vrm/.vsfavatar/.fbx currently.
Can you add 3D accessories such as hats, tails, jewelry, etc?
-Some accessories such as ears, bows, etc can be made within VROID. However, if I need Blender work, there will be an added fee.
Can I use these avatars for streaming, videos, and more?
-Absolutely! It's encouraged! Feel free to use them for any projects you had in mind!
Do you only take paypal?
-At this time, yes. I am not really familiar with any other reliable transaction sites presently.
What program do you use to create these?
-VROID a free program developed by Pixiv.
How do I use these avatars?
-However you want! There are programs that you can use them directly in such as; VSeeFace, VDraw, Luppet, etc. There are plenty of tutorials online for what you can use VRoid avatars for But if you are also handy with blender the possibilities are endless!
Am I allowed to edit the avatar myself? (adding clothing, alternate versions, etc)
-Absolutely! Also, you are allowed to hire someone aswell
How do I inquire about ordering one of these?
-You can contact me via email or discord dm, please provide references of your character so I can give a clear quote.
Will you be streaming my commission?
-Most likely yes! I stream VROID commissions on twitch as long as they are sfw. ttv/fuululuu
Can you make me a custom character?/I don't have a reference, can I still commission you?
-It will cost alot more but yes to both. But- you MUST have visual references, I cannot work with just descriptions.

((Updated 4/12/2021))

✦ pricing + information ✦

Custom Blender assets will cost extra. We offer custom ear+tail packages and more, please check out our pricing. (Not here at this time, Beeble and I will be working on this together but if there is an extra fee it will be quote based and discussed with the client directly)

Commissions are currently closed

✧ STARTS AT 300$ usd ✧

price includes commercial use

The base package includes:

  1. A fully rigged VROID model with 6 base expressions

  2. Fully custom textures including face plates for expressions (tears, blush and shade)

  3. A zip file of the model including the .blend file and/or final file format(s)

  4. 1 custom base outfit of your choosing. (I will also include an undies texture)

  5. Rights to use this model commercially for livestreaming, promotional imagery, videos, etc.

This package is for a VROID base model. If you want more customized assets done in blender, please read the information below.

If you have any questions regarding these avatars or need a quote, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am willing to work with a clients needs if I find I can do it with my current ability.

Commission Status - Closed

I will announce on twitter and discord
when I reopen for model commissions.


EMAIL: [email protected]
DISCORD: Fuululu#1429